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What is the number of cavities in the mold

For professional molded products factories, it is very important to add the information of the number of mold cavities in the quotation form. The number of cavities in the mold helps the customer to judge the efficiency of the production. The following article will help to understand what is the number of cavities in the mold, the determinants of the number of mold cavities, and the effect of the number of mold cavities on the price.

What is the number of cavities in the mold: The number of cavities in the mold is the number of products that can be made in a set of molds. The picture on the right is a compression molding mold, which is the production mold for rubber bellows. This set of molds has 24 cavities, which means that 24 products can be produced in one shot. You can click on the image to see a bigger picture.

The decisive factor in the number of mold cavities: the number of products and the vulcanization area of ​​the machine. The mold needs to reach the vulcanization area of ​​the machine, otherwise pressure deviation will occur, which will eventually lead to accelerated wear of the machine. After determining the vulcanization area of ​​the mold, the number of products is an important factor in determining the number of mold cavities. The production of each mold cavity involves factors such as an increase in price, an increase in maintenance costs, and an increase in mold production time.

The effect of the number of mold cavities on the price. The production cost of customer molded rubber parts consists of raw material cost, electricity cost, labor cost, packaging cost and scrap rate. A large number of cavities will save labor costs, which is a very important factor for the price of small weight products. Therefore, in the price accounting stage, we will actively communicate with customers about the annual purchase volume. Then find a balanced product price and mold price.

What are our services?
The reasonable cost of the mold is given to the customer according to the quantity of the product, thereby saving the overall procurement cost of the customer.
Free mold maintenance to ensure that the mold can be used for a long time.
Free mold input for huge orders, including the input of the second set of molds and the cost of the first set of molds.

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