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How to identify the quality of the Radiator hose

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As an important part of the vehicle’s engine, the quality and longevity of the Radiator hose and cac hose will directly affect the safety of the driving. With the popularity of online shopping for C2C and B2C, everyone can buy radiators and Cac hoses from the Internet. Of course, this also brings about the instability of quality. In addition to the direct accessories of big brands, how to choose inexpensive products has become a problem that most people find trouble.

As a manufacturer of professional Radiator hoses and CAC hoses, we are willing to share our experience and let the modified car enthusiasts, car repair companies, auto parts retail companies and end users understand this product. Our sharing includes not only the technical index of the product, but also how to distinguish it. (I will try to use non-professional words to express these things).


The first question: What material is made of?

Radiator hose is made of EPDM material, which has good weather resistance and is not easy to crack and break. It is the material of choice for most automotive and motorcycle seals. CAC hose is also called Charge air cooler hose. The material to be transported is high temperature gas or liquid. In the choice of materials, silica gel has become the first choice. This material can be used under high temperature conditions. These two materials are always on your side. Look at the side of your plastic window glass. You will find a black seal. This is the extrusion rubber strip of EPDM material. Look at the seals of your pressure cookers, or the nipples for your baby, these are customer molded silicone parts.


The second question: Is it the right choice of the above materials, is it the right quality and cheap products?

Of course not. These two materials are divided into two types, recycled and non-recycled. The recycled material will have a great taste, especially silica gel, and the recycled silica material will have a pungent taste of pesticides. So what materials does Qingdao Guanshan Industrial Co., Ltd. use? We use imported raw materials from Vietnam. The picture below is the rubber raw material that has just arrived. Careful, have you discovered the brand of raw materials?


The third question: Which technology indexes are important?

Blasting strength is an important criterion for measuring hose performance. In order to give you a better reference, I will give you a list of the burst strengths our customers need: 0.6MPA to 1MPA. In order to provide burst strength that meets or exceeds this data, we will use polyester wire as the reinforcement layer, through the cross section. You will find that the line layout of our enhancement layer is more neat and the gap spacing is close to perfect. Although it does not seem to have much impact from the interface, it creates a huge difference within the product. The high-quality polyester yarn provides quality stability for the Radiator hose and CAC hose, and each part of the product has a close technical index of burst strength and tensile strength.


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