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3m adhesive tapping die cut gasket
Hellorubber dedicated to make flat die cut gasket and tapping flat rubber gasket. For the raw material, we offer two choose for customers: industrial rubber sheet or molded rubber pieces. The difference of two material as below, Industrial rubber sheets or non-slip mats have the advantage of low prices, and the cost of wasted materials...
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The rubber glazing channel can not be pulled too tightly, and the length of the blanking is 2O-3Omm longer than the assembly length. It should be set in place during installation, the surface is straight, and it is in close contact with the glass and glass slot, so that the surrounding force of the glass...
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We are very telling you that the catalog of CAC hose and radiator hose has been updated. From the catalogue, you can see production equipment, test reports, and guidance on how to request a quote. You can get this e-book by clicking on the link. Or you can contact us to get a sample.  
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raw material arriving
Rubber extrusion products for special application environments are very demanding on raw materials. In order to meet the oil-proof performance, we import NBR raw materials from Vietnam to solve the special requirements of construction machinery for oil hose. At the same time, we develop and produce sprial wrape hose protection seal. This extruded product can...
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welding edge of windshild seal
Whether it is a co-extrusion rubber seal or a foamed seal, splicing work at the factory is the preferred way to save on later costs and improve product quality. Qingdao Guanshan Industry Co., Ltd. offers two splicing services, including Hot vulcanized and cold bond. Among them, cold bond is mainly used for hollow seals, foam...
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News from When I see Trelleborg consolidated four buildings into a new facility. I know it’s a good experience for us. Reducing operating costs through resource optimization is something that all companies are constantly researching. It is very difficult to adjust the location of the production base, choose a region with cheaper labor,...
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