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Qingdao Guanshan Industrial Co., Ltd. was established in 2006, starting a business with one machine and three workers. After more than ten years of hard work, the company has developed into a modern, professional CUSTOMER MOLDED RUBBER PRODUCTS factory. The factory covers an area of more than 700 square meters, including a construction area of 400 square meters. Professional planning and reasonable processes not only save time in material circulation, but also greatly strengthen the quality control system. The factory has more than 30 workers, 6 quality inspectors, 6 management personnel and 10 sales personnel. Among them, 20 people with bachelor degree or above provide effective guarantee for the improvement of production management quality and quality improvement ability.  In the year of 2019, we invest the extrusion workshop in joint venture. More information can be find on the about us page.


High Quality Engine Mounts
Anti Vibration Damper Rubber Buffer
silicone grommet
Metric rubber washer
radiator hose 51
cac hose 53
Leveling Mounts
Adjustable Levelling Feet
Customized Rubber Bellow Rubber Dust Boots
wire harness rubber gasket


Not only vacuum pumping machines, but also ordinary 100-ton production machines are upgraded to fully automatic computer control systems. These inputs and upgrades not only improve the stability of the product, shorten the delivery period, but also improve the working environment of workers and reduce the amount of labor.

Extrusion is one of the important part, focused on glass seal, automotive door seal, sponge extrusion profiles.

Compression Molding40%
Tranfer Molding20%
Die Cutting20%

Quality Control System

Q.C during production is an important factor in ensuring quality stability. Qingdao Guanshan Industrial Co., Ltd. has developed production monitoring, during production check, production process specifications and re-planning plans based on the improvement plan of the production process.