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Zinc plated rubber buffer

Raw MaterialNR, NBR
MetalGalvanized steel or Stainless steel
Application Temp-30 C to +80 C
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Production process

rubber-metal buffer production process

Core competition

With more than ten years of R&D and production experience; we have accumulated a lot of experience in metal surface treatment, adhesive performance and rubber performance. The 250-ton automatic production equipment ensures that every rubber shock absorber is fully heated and vulcanized. The vacuum production equipment perfectly solves the problem of surface bubbles and unevenness of large and shaped rubber shock absorbers. We can simultaneously produce compression molding and tranfer molding to meet the different requirements of customers for flash.

Qingdao Guanshan Industry strictly follow the ISO 9001:2015 quality control system. Every process has the paper work for operation/storage instruction. Q.C person will check every lot rubber products. All the products will check again during package.

Metal Treatment Area


How many tools need to invest for big quality purchasing?

Only one tool needed. Guanshan Industry will invest more tools according to the lead time and quantity. If there is any damage during storage or production, Guanshan Industry will pay the amendment cost.

Does my tools will used for other people or company?

Of course not! We can sign the NDA documents with you if necessary.

What's the lead time?

If the size you need is in the list, it only need 7 to 15 days to get the rubber buffer ready for shipment. If tools needed, it will take 15 to 20 days to get the tool ready.

Can the rubber buffer packed seperately by plastic bag and add my logo?

Yes, we can packe the rubber parts as your need. However, we will need the authorize page for the logo or brand.

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