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Rubber Mount

Features of Rubber Mount

We use rubber mount are often used in the electrical machines or components to provide a complete level of shock protection. It is made with a simple design that helps in easy installation and prevents flowing of current from both the vertical sides. These kinds of mounts are normally made with the chloroprene rubber which helps you free from oils and greases. Hence it can withstand in all climatic conditions. The various advantages we get while using the rubber mount of Qingdao Guanshan Industry Co., are given below.

  • These kinds of mounts are confined and safe even during the break down of the machine, which helps you to keep your machine always safe and secure.
  • They provide protection in all three kinds of axes.
  • These mounts are mostly used as the engine in the mobile generator and the compressor installation process.
  • It can be used as the transmission mountings in the automation applications and it can also be used in the installation of marine equipment.     

These are the various reasons for using mounts in your machines. The various sizes of mount manufactured are ZTV, TEE, SB, PSP, PDRS, MSA, FRS, FRH, EA, EH and so on.