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Custom Molded Rubber

Custom Molded Rubber

Molded rubber is an essential part of some industries and it assists to reduce some expenses. This die cutter is available in different terms of capabilities. If you like to purchase the Custom molded rubber means, you can get various size, shape and dimensions with on your budget. So finding the best one is quite hard. This molded rubber gives Better Experience, Quality work, best customer support and many more.

Todays this molded rubber plays the most important role among the industries. Depends on your material you can easily adjust this molded rubber. And also we manufactured the products as per customer’s preference. But before purchasing this product you have to keep in mind some important things such as flexible, reliable, durable, strong, etc. It is highly supported by automotive industries. Moreover, the different Custom molded rubber products come with rubber bellows, rubber mount, gasket, washer and many more. You can get these molded products with customized at a reasonable rate. These custom-molded products we manufactured with the latest technology. So utilize this major product and getting an effortless job. It is most recommended one and when using these products you never face any issues.

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The custom molded rubber products manufactured by the Qingdao Guanshan Industry Co.  LTD are completely based on the customers need and satisfaction. Customers can get the rubber products from based on samples or drawings. We have the best vulcanzation equipment and the metal treatment equipment to make the rubber products.

The products manufactured by Qingdao Guanshan Industry Co.  LTD provide customer complete satisfaction such as

  • In automotive fields, the EPDM seals, windshield seal, rubber gasket, rubber dust cover, rubber bellow, rubber mount, rubber bush and wire harness sheaths are used.
  • In the machine field, the shock absorbing parts, rubber buffer, rubber mount, anti-vibration damper, rubber damper, nitrile rubber bellow, neoprene rubber gasket, vibration pad, rubber o-ring, rubber washer and die cut rubber gasket are used.
  • In the pipe fields, the sealing rings are used.

The various custom molded rubber Tags you main familiar: rubber bellow, rubber mount, rubber gasket, rubber washer, rubber grommet, custom molded rubber, rubber foot, rubber feet, rubber boot, wire harness grommet, rubber pad, after market rubber parts, oldtimer car parts, classic car rubber parts, die cut gasket, rubber sealing rings, o-rings, oil seal, rubber-metal, rubber buffer, dock bumper and ect.

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Why buy custom molded rubber from Guanshan Industry?

  • Business since 2006
  • Registed Capatial: 1 million RMB
  • China Customs Credit Level: A
  • More than 500 set mold in warehouse
  • Trust by GM Shanghai Wuling Car, Hafei Car, Wuzheng Car, LS tractor, Navistar Truck USA, ARB AU
  • CAD design capability, Sample drawing capability

What's the capability for custom molded rubber?

We have the ability to provide solutions based on the customer’s application, including the design of rubber formulations, the mixing of rubber raw materials, the mapping of drawings, the design of molds, and the production of rubber products. At the same time, we are able to provide customers with customized packaging solutions to enhance customer brand influence. We implement the internationally accepted DIN/ISO3302-1 size control standard to accurately match our customers’ machinery and equipment. Years of R&D and production experience has also brought us a lot of experience in installation and installation. These experiences and feedbacks provide more cost-effective advice and rubber products when we provide consulting services to our clients.

In terms of production technology, we have technologies such as COMPRESSION molding, transfer molding, die cutting, tapping and so on. The investment in equipment further expands our production capacity and quality control capabilities. Now we use the top production equipment of Dongguan Kesheng Company to implement a full set of computer control quality methods, which reduces the scrap rate and human error.

For the selection of materials, we offer products of EPDM, NR, NBR, CR, SILICONE, NBR+PVC, HNBR, FDA SILICONE and FKM materials. Tensile Strength can reach 22 MPA and the maximum temperature can reach 320 degrees Celsius. The diversity of colors is also one of our strengths. We can supply products in white, red, gray, blue, green, etc., and not only limited to SILICONE materials.

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