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Charge Air Cooler Hose

Silicone Charge Air Cooler Hoses (CAC)

Basically, Air cooler hose is one of the connecting parts for the engine mounted system. Now it is used for various purposes such as align, connect, transfer and many more. These hoses are highly used to maintain temperature. Today Charge air cooler hose (CAC) is mostly wanted one because it is highly demanded products among the customers. This hose is manufactured in a specific manner with a higher quality range.

We offer a wide range of hoses for our customers at an affordable rate. Moreover, we have the best team members for giving outstanding designs and sizes of hoses. We make the products with the latest advanced technologies that are why we make the customer reputations. These air hoses come under more flexible. We manufactured all the silicone charge air cooler hose (CAC) as per customer needs and requirements.

Basically engine system makes more than vibrations right? So we offer the hose which absorbs vibration. Our products are available in standard quality so you can use as per your choice. It is the safest product to use. You can purchase this hose online easily. It is manufactured by strong materials so gives long-lasting durability. We are focusing only customer’s satisfaction so we provide quality services ever.

The charge air cooler hose is normally used for connections in between the engine mounted air cooler system parts. So, it can be used to keep the temperature of the system or the engine cool. There are different types of hoses they are straight, convoluted, or shaped. And we can choose the one which we need for our engine. The convoluted shapes of the hoses are normally used when there are any misalignments while installing the parts of the engine.

The convoluted silicone elbow hoses are compatible with the misalignment because it can withstand and reduce the noise caused by the engines because of the improper placements of the parts. It can be used in the temperature range between -56 to +250 degree Celsius if the machine is reinforced with meta-armid. In case the system is made with the polyester then the machine can be used in the temperature between -56 to +180 degree Celsius. There is also an option for fluoro silicone or FKM inner lining provided by them to provide resistant from oil, acid, and fuel resistance. The various types of charge air cooler hose manufactured are car spare parts truck use and double color charger air intake silicone charge air cooler hose. They provide the hoses with metal fittings and crimped ends and it can be developed or used based on the requirements of the customers. To check the quality of the hose manufactured the house test rig is made both in and out of the hose at cyclic pressure from 0 to 3 bars.