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Rubber-metal Damper


Qingdao Guanshan Industry Co., Ltd. has extensive experience in the development and production of rubber-metal shock damper products. The selection of rubber metal adhesives, the optimization of galvanizing blasting process, the choice of turning and argon arc welding, the plating treatment of mold surfaces, etc., have been explored and improved all the year round.

We work with Chemlok to select and improve adhesives based on different rubber raw materials and metal parts. The Chemlok 250 adhesive we now use has better performance and a longer lifetime. Through cooperation with metal processing companies, we are skilled in processing metal parts of different materials such as SUS304 stainless steel, 316 stainless steel, copper and iron.

At the same time, Qingdao Guanshan Industrial Co., Ltd. has invested in argon arc welding equipment and processing from lathes, enabling small-scale welding of metal parts. Provides an effective hardware guarantee for R&D and time reduction in the Prototype phase.

Large quantities of orders also bring the support of raw material suppliers. A benign supply chain system provides a powerful guarantee for solving customer shock absorption problems. More than ten years of research and development, from standard shock dampers to the production of shaped rubber puffer, Qingdao Guanshan Industrial Co., Ltd. has become an excellent enterprise in the field of OEM shock absorbs.

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Trade Terms

You are welcome to continue reading our product information. If you want to purchase or customize your rubber-metal damper, please refer to the cooperation terms below, or contact our manager Detao Wang directly.

  • Step 1: Send the drawing or size with photo by email or fax
  • Step 2: Discuss the production capability and Unit prices
  • Step 3: invest the tooling or use Guanshan's tooling
  • Step 4: get the samples and do the test on machines
  • Step 5: start the bulk orders

Rubber 101

The following is based on our experience, data sharing, I hope to help you understand the classification and application of rubber-metal damper. More hope to help you choose the right rubber-metal damper. The following information is for your reference only. If you want to get more professional establishment, please contact us.