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JA Spring Isolator

JA model vibration isolators consist of free standing, large diameter, laterally stable steel springs assembled into welded steel housing assemblies fabricated to limit vertical movement of the isolated equipment if equipment loads are reduced, or if the equipment is subjected to large vertical external forces. The housings also provide a constant free and operating height to facilitate installation. It is complete with upper and down noise isolation pads and have two sides adjusting and leveling bolts as a part of the top load plate assembly.Springs are polyester powder coated, with a 1000 hour salt spray rating.

The vertical natural frequency is 2.3Hz to 4.9Hz, the damping ratio is 0.02 to 0.06,which is an ideal product for vibration isolation. JA Spring isolator has a variety of models, which can also be designed and manufactured according to customer needs.


Used for vibration isolation of larged and medium sized equipments, like pump, chillers, compressor, fan, refrigeration units etc.