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Anti-vibration wall braces

Anti-Vibration wall braces installation - 2

Anti-Vibration wall braces

The GS-92 Anti-vibration wall braces is composed of U-shaped frame, damping rubber layer and screw, which is convenient and quick to install. Its unique damping rubber block can cut off the propagation of the sound bridge, especially when installing the subwoofer in all casinos, it can effectively restrain the low-frequency sound transmission. The wall damper can achieve good vibration isolation effect in engineering installation, so it is favored by the majority of acoustic installation companies.

  • Default icon list textItem No.: GS9250
  • Load: 0 - 50 KG
  • A = 115 mm
  • B = 80 mm
  • H = 50 mm
  • M = M8
  • d = 11 mm
Anti-Vibration wall braces drawing