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Learn from big company: Trelleborg opens combined manufacturing facility

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When I see Trelleborg consolidated four buildings into a new facility. I know it’s a good experience for us. Reducing operating costs through resource optimization is something that all companies are constantly researching. It is very difficult to adjust the location of the production base, choose a region with cheaper labor, and balance the cost of new employee learning. As a small-scale factory for rubber extrusion and custom molded rubber, our living space and profitability are weaker, so we need to learn better like these big companies.

In this article, it brings us new ideas for business development. Investing in research and development funds and positioning the market is something we must continue to do. Let’s see what’s Trellborg’s idea:

“We’re looking at the things that are somewhat within our capabilities and things that really fit within what we do best,” McKee said. “But then we’re trying to find areas that we can differentiate ourselves. A lot of extrusion companies are very focused on a very simple type of product, and we want to be able to separate ourselves.”

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