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Hot Vulcanized splicing service for automotive co-extrusion rubber seals

welding edge of windshild seal
welding edge of windshild seal

Whether it is a co-extrusion rubber seal or a foamed seal, splicing work at the factory is the preferred way to save on later costs and improve product quality. Qingdao Guanshan Industry Co., Ltd. offers two splicing services, including Hot vulcanized and cold bond. Among them, cold bond is mainly used for hollow seals, foam strips, and products with high surface requirements. The hot vulcanized service is mainly used for welding to fixed angle products. The perfect butt joint of the welding surface can be achieved by the shaping die, which greatly improves the durability of the process.

We have many years of experience in the supply of automotive plants, and we have some mastery of the design of the mold. Through technical improvements, we have reduced the cost of sizing molds.

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