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Die cut rubber gasket factory

die cut rubber gasket tool

Hellorubber dedicated to make flat die cut gasket and tapping flat rubber gasket. For the raw material, we offer two choose for customers: industrial rubber sheet or molded rubber pieces. The difference of two material as below,

  1. Industrial rubber sheets or non-slip mats have the advantage of low prices, and the cost of wasted materials does not affect the price of the product during large-scale cutting. The disadvantage is the performance of the material. Industrial rubber sheets or non-slip mats with low tensile strength can only meet the basic requirements of 3MPA and 5MPA. For 18MPA or 24MPA gasket requirements, the cost of using industrial rubber sheets is very high. The weakness in color is also a problem that industrial rubber sheets cannot solve. Rubber sheet factories generally provide black rubber sheets quickly, but colored rubber sheets are faced with long delivery times and poor color standards.
  2. Molded rubber sheet is the perfect solution to color customization, strict tolerance requirements and high performance. Unlike ordinary color matching, Qingdao Guanshan Industrial Co., Ltd. performs color correction from the basic raw material level, which can perfectly match any color of the Pantone color card. The diversity of materials is also one of our strengths. EPDM, NBR, CR, SILICONE, colorful EPDM, colorful NR, FKM, we all have very rich production experience.

Big customer case:

  • Tractor cab mat, cutting from anti-slip fine ribbed rubber mats.
  • Square 12 MPA NR die cut gasket with 3M tapping for audio system in Car