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Custom molded rubber workshop updated

As a factory of CUSTOM MOLDED RUBBER, we are not satisfied with the current level of technology, we have been exploring new technologies and new products. Color rubber seals, as a special industry demand, most factories will cancel the development of this project due to the order quantity. Qingdao Guanshan Industrial Co., Ltd. is not only actively carrying out research on this project, but also continuously improving the production environment.

In the picture, our production manager Wang Bin led the workers and the national electrician to carry out the transformation of the line and the re-cleaning of the ground. This work is carried out in the middle of the holidays, which guarantees the execution of customer orders in time. Pay tribute to those who struggle on the front line!

Although there are many products displayed in our products, I am willing to give you a list of materials we can do: color silicone products, color NBR seals, color NR gaskets, color EPDM molded parts.

Welcome to visit our factory.

colorful rubber parts workshop updating (2)
colorful rubber parts workshop updating (1)