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Economic to invest rubber-metal vibration damper mold or not?

Most answer will be: WHY SHOULD I INVEST MOLD? I WANNA TO BUY STANDARD RUBBER-METAL VIBRATION DAMPER! Is this really a money-saving option? Don’t be scared by the mold fee of a few hundred dollars! Consider your annual purchases and then average them on each product. You may find that you have wasted a lot...
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Molded rubber parts brochure 2019 published

We are more pleased to announce that we have updated the company’s electronic catalogue. The new e-book has clearer pictures, more concise text descriptions and more information. Welcome to download and browse. File name: guanshan industry brochure 2019-2 Document date: 2019-1-31 File size: 10MB   Link:¬†  
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Sales representative study mold amendment and storage knowleage in workshop

Sales representatives serve as a bridge between customers and production personnel. The amount of expertise is an important factor in solving customer needs. Qingdao Guanshan Industrial Co., Ltd. regularly trains the sales customer service department to help sales representatives enter the production workshop and communicate with production workers.
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msds documents sample

MSDS documents of Nature Rubber

We have detailed the MSDS performance of the rubber raw materials that can be produced, and produced the corresponding MSDS files. If you want to get specific information, please contact us.
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Production video share

In order to give you a better understanding of our equipment and production process, we took some short videos at the production workshop. You can get the video play address through the workshop page. The video is not particularly clear due to factors such as shooting equipment and shooting time. If you have the opportunity...
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